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Soul Foraging

I try being positive

Through the daily prerogative

Of my stomach, my belly

Just yelling and yelling.

For positive  nutrition.

And live cells to be in it.

Before food from a package

Evolves into false satisfaction

My eyes wander

And my thoughts ponder

To the never ending question…

What’s this made of again?


Just a dabble of high fructose

With a lick of glucose

Making the most

Of the unhealthy, empty

Preservatives never worth saving

False cravings

So physically draining

How fucking annoying.

And all I wanted was a munchie fix.

But one habit I’ve had since age six,

Is to endlessly read ingredient lists

They forever

had me wondering

Why can’t I pronounce the food we eat?

How can my body recognize what’s inside,

When my brain can’t pronounce

The nutrition denied?

What’s this consumption mystery about?

Why do I even doubt,

something packaged,

Labeled: ready to consume?

Its like my intuition knows

It’s fake, a mistake,

food headed for doom!

And I turn to the nearest of trees

Get lost in the leaves

Searching for fruit

To recognize edible

I don’t have to settle

For understanding literary phonics

Or society’s Ebonics

To enjoy physical fulfillment

So happy, such feeling

Vibrational healing

A live sacrifice

From that juice

Bears life

I don’t need to read an apple

Or a seed

to feel the growth inside of me

Just be silent and see

You and the tree

Just loved happily

Giving and sharing

The smiles you’re wearing

You get out what you put in

That’s how trees begin again

With caring and nurture

Green leaves

A bright future

To blossom and be.

The gift of life

you see,

Is in the possibility.

My body just knows what food is alive,

 like you and me.

The seed plants roots

Branches dream as they shoot.

And when real is real,

And love is love,

My sight

Turned light

From the stars lit above

Glances at the cherry

A celebration

that has

an ingredient list

Of love foremost.

Caring number two.

Three is the eye

and the way to see.


Drop the ego and soar.



be alive.

And bite down hard,

until your teeth hit the core, 

you want more.

Life is all you have

and all you dream 

and love is the only way to 

keep your hopes Alive 

and your heart feeling pure

Energy Consciousness

the moment’s the cure. 

Miseducation of the American Nation

The miseducation
Of the American nation
Can be blamed for the frustration
And lack of truthful information
For the world.
Somehow, elsewhere
In countries connected by the number 3 
The people sit green with envy
Shaking their heads as to how
We can sit so happily in greed
As the corporations piss in the water we drink
And deny them access to theirs
We don’t care
That truth is too hard to swallow
So we shrug, and smile and think
About our shopping trip tomorrow
To buy products labeled
“Made in….”
Any country but ours.
We spend hours and hours
And engaging
In the distractions
That were made to control us.
Where are our heads?
People are dead
Because we succumb to the mind numbing news
And allow ourselves
To be confused
And blinded
Forgetting the love deep inside.
Open your eyes.
Real eyes.
Real lies.
Wake up.

The truth shall set you free

Some days I let myself fall into the zone
of lost control

My soul is crying
because it’s dying
I’m not paying attention
to the evident resurrection
and the painful erection
excited to the truth
It’s hard to the feel
So stiff by the myth
that society creates a cowering acceptance
to the path of fate

Sadly, I create debates
That surround the compound
that is my steel heart
barriers built to the sky
ensuring demise of relationships
just tied to the success
of the mess
that I’ve trapped myself in
The escape is thin
But it’s the only direction
That addresses the affection
I wish to give to those I love

I cry every day
because I lie my head
in a bed
filled will loss and tears
and pillows of the scary thought
That I’ve fought
For nothing

I thought that all those something’s
Could trickle away
And gone they would stay.

But it’s only my sink to drain
to lift the stains
through uncovering
And muddling
Through the hate.

I want to squash arguments
that take me further
from the time
where the aligned
felt simple,
where everything
felt safe.
Because my soul could demand
to spill into the spaces
where lost faces
were engaging in the denial
of lost trials.

The truth always reverberates.

With the mighty intake that the soul demands,
One step at a time.
I think I can
Begin to manifest
A positive course
For the forceful Takedown
of the untrue obsession
So that I can finally breathe again

Food Organics and Conspiracy Mechanics

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to speak the truth this way
That it could be set up on display
Easily seen day by day

One memory that’s been on repeat
Is a conversation last summer
That I had with my second mother

While on the topic of food
I’m In the munchy mood
going off about food organics
And conspiracy mechanics
She interrupts
And says
” Listen, An apples an apple, a fruits just a fruit. “

I thought her innocence was cute
But I’m here to tell you the facts
Edibles really aren’t this way
Frankenfish do exist
So Environmentalists are pissed
That society could even miss
The obvious blasphemies
In swallowing their fallacies
Of diet miracles
And no calorie sprinkles

We’re fucking with nature
To say yep, its ok sir
Go ahead, be a fish monster maker,
What culinary idiots.
I’m sick of it.

I want to say
sorry honey
They blinded you with money
an apples not an apple
A fruits not just a fruit
There’s so much more
Than the obvious core

That apple is covered in pesticide lining
Supposedly stopping the the worms from dining
That’s the lie they feed to society

Im standing up
No I won’t drink your fake color
I know that High fructose corn syrup
Was designed to make me throw up
And flouride treatments
Onjy seek out excrements
Of confidence
My two cents buys candy
Designed to line my stomach
With artificial flavors
So called Deception makers
Reminscent of happy old times
Artificial sugar is satisfactions taker
Modern day sweets
Are only here
To bring fear
And feed into
Your artificial addiction
To more processed shit again
More aspirin
More aspirin
My stomach’s twisting bad again
I’m so fucking sad again

I turn away
because I know
It might be a while
Before I can say politely
Or without sounding crazy
Get your fake ass food
Up outside this room!
No more preservatives
For us to sit and rot in
I haven’t really forgotten
That nature is the answer
To really fighting cancer
That processed food
Affects your health
And your mood

Wake up asshole
Go eat some real food dude!

Hybrid breeds
made from science made needs
Can’t satisfy the insatiable greed
The human body needs
For real vegetables and vitamins
To be the insides of you
For us to gain full capacity
Of our true brain potential
The answers so central
All it comes down to
Is the water we drink
And the food that we eat
Just Remember organic
don’t panic
and dont be a manic
at the grocery store
Just remember
More natural
the better

We could forget words that we can’t pronounce
And ingredient lists where we can’t keep count
Done With food that’s prep arable
With microwave energy
Damn, That shits dead to me
I”ll eat conscious food
and remember that hamburger
was once a cow
Now I vow
to eat food that’s sweet
And locally grown
Somewhere adorably close
to my own home
Food that’s delicious
And naturally nutritious
And only shows me local benefits
Mind, body. Soul,
totally getting it.
Eat right sit tight
Lifes menu should be filled with love and light.

Channeling Rumi

How is it so hard to communicate?
It’s like we stare fate
Directly in the face
With a smirk dancing across our lips
As our fingers are spinning the dials of time
The minutes are never ending
We say “Well, Times a continuum,
There’s no real end to it.”
“What needs to be done,
Yeah…I got that in a little bit.”
But why sacrifice
and wait for the next life
when all you have is the moment.
Own it.
It’s all you have.
The moment is tucked away inside of you,
Deep in the corner of your mind
Next to your thoughts and your values
behind your actions and relationships.
Modern conscious humans see the world as infinite
but somehow,
we don’t fit in it.
We’re fixated on domination instead of appreciation
Temperatures and tempers rising
When will we reach the boiling point?
We’re so distant and frustrated
with the current state of the American nation
But we complain in vain
It’s so insane
Joking about first world problems
Like we don’t got enough of em
Siri is everyone’s friend until the end
Conversations dead across dinner tables
Words only flow through invisible IPhone cables
What happened to seating and meeting and greeting each other?
So consumed by the media
Thank you for feeding us
another plate full of garbage
Our brains are starving for the answers
Food filled with cancer
But somehow we can’t wait for the next meal
Are you for real?
Are you truly satisfied with all those lies you ate for breakfast?
Next meal is lunch
Mmm I love the crunch of fabricated stories
baked into corporate pies named Betty Crocker and Kraft.
You know, They’re all trying make you fat.
Don’t you realize that?
I’m at my hangover stage
I’m so enraged
by the complete disregard for the blatant truth that I know
Upchuck the standardized education
and the political legislation
That’s been shoved down my throat since day one.
I’m done.
Then I can settle into a peaceful vacation of nirvana existence
I tore down the fence
And I’ll never return
to where my heart was burned
and I learned to hate myself and everyone else
I am a human with a consciousness and hands
and my soul demands
that I help you.
Together we can make a stew of forgiveness and love
I’ll show you my dream
Of how the world can truly work as a team.
Too extreme? Not possible.
Completely improbable?
I beg to differ!
You see mister
Its obvious our current ways can’t stay the same
I’m done focusing the blame
On people I don’t know
and that damn TV show
No more pointing fingers and shouting excuses
It’s time to make lists
of the benefits of harmony and grace
Forget about differences of race
Let’s gain compassion and think with ration
We’re crazy and lazy
to look at the world
and our troubles
and settle into living in a bubble
We have hearts
we have views
If only you knew
That on the other side of the globe someone is alone
And crying
because they lost their family to the slave trade
so that you could get paid
selling toxic toys
to good little boys
on Christmas.
My Dreams are of sharing
And caring
And hemp clothes wearing
Where we all have a home
And food for our bellys
No one believing anything from the Telly
Respecting our loved ones
Soaking in the sun
Having fun
Never needing a gun
Heaven can be here
No doubt no fears
Only years of bliss and true happiness
So many things have changed
but my dreams stayed the same since age three.
What does that say about me?
They say I act like a child
I’m so wild
Whatever, Ill take it
As long as it means
I can live out my dreams
Where all is as it seems
And we’re happy just to be.

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